June 15th, 2023

Founder, President and CEO
Interstate Transport, Inc.
(866) 281-1282 

June 15, 2023

To our Valued Customers and Business Partners,

We are excited to announce that Interstate Transport was recently acquired in a stock transaction by Dupré Logistics, a Louisiana-based transportation company, and will now be known as Interstate Transport, a Dupré Logistics Company.

What does this mean for our customers?

Interstate Transport will remain a separate business unit within the Dupré Logistics family of brands.  Zach Aufmann and I will continue to manage Interstate at an Executive level and remain committed to delivering the exemplary service standards you are used to and that Dupré is just as passionate about.  In short, it will be "business as usual" as we continue to maintain:

  • Our SCAC code, IPNS, will remain the same
  • Our insurance policies and coverages will remain the same
  • Our EDI capabilities and system integrations will all remain the same
  • There will be no change in our communication channels - you'll still have the same team servicing your account
  • You'll continue to use your customer-specific email address for all communication
  • Our offices will remain in St. Petersburg, Florida, with all the same staff members, and we will continue to operate nationwide

What does this mean for the future?

Being part of the Dupré Logistics family will allow us to bring additional value to our customers by expanding our transportation solutions portfolio, which will now include:

  • Onsite Logistics
  • Private Fleet Services
  • Tanker and Bulk
  • Drayage

We'll also expand our capabilities in power-only, drop trailer, and hazmat services.

Dupré was founded in Louisiana in 1980 by Reggie Dupré as a solution for transporting fuel to his family-owned service station.  Forty years later, they're still a family-owned and privately held company based in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Professionally managed by the best talent in the industry, they provide innovative logistics solutions with extensive coverage on the Gulf Coast and widespread coverage across the United States.  

With over 700 asset trucks, 1,000 professional drivers, and 1,300 employees, Dupré's vision has always been to be a diversified transportation company.  Interstate Transport will further diversify Dupré's service portfolio and increase its density in the food and beverage logistics space.  We'll be their primary Florida presence and network of expertise in multi-pick/multi-drop and food and beverage.

We will continue to treasure our partnership as part of the Dupré family of companies and look forward to further enhancing and driving the value we bring to you and your team.

Thank you for your commitment and loyalty to Interstate Transport.

Kindest Regards,


2828 Central Avenue • St. Petersburg, FL 33712 • Phone: 727-822-9999 • Toll Free: 866-281-1281

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