We get that good business relationships deserve the extra effort.

Why Haul for Interstate Transport?

Simply put, carriers are like family. With tens of thousands of loads every year and long-standing relationships with top, blue - chip brands, we provide access to good paying shipments, while minimizing deadhead miles with more opportunities for 365 shipping and delivery.

We back that up with the industry's most experienced and dedicated logistics professionals, there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In-turn for being a valued member of our growing carrier network, we offer a wide-array of payment options including: same day Quick Pay at 5%, next day Quick Pay at 3%, ACH Direct Deposit, and standard 30 day pay terms. Interstate Transport understands that things may arise during transit, so it offers carriers the opportunity to receive load advances via T-Chek code with just a small T-Chek fee.

Carriers Choose Interstate Transport